March 2019 reading digest

Programming, technologies, computer science

Management, Startups, Marketing, Productivity

  • A few controversial ideas about productivity from
    Marc Andreessen (entrepreneur, investor, and software engineer). Worth to read for everyone who is interesting in the topic


  • Angular Up and Running. Author: Shyam Seshadri
  • Modern front-end is growing and changing every day and sometimes just need spend some time on filling the gap on it. Very consequent book, actually, as all books published by O’Reilly. After finishing it I am planing continue dive in Angular programming with more advanced Become a ninja with Angular.
  • Maverick: The Success Story Behind the World’s Most Unusual Workplace. Author: Ricardo Semler. The real story. Easy to read, easy to understand. Very inspiring. It’s about searching a way to build great better based on freedom, mindfulness, common sense and ability take responsibility by employees on on all levels of organization.