The hidden power of Freemind for Business Analysis

For a long time, I have been using Freemind for many purposes. For those who didn’t use it yet, I highly recommend checking it out, it’s cross-platform, an open-source desktop application for mind mapping. I guess it will be a little bit brave, but suppose I can compare the flexibility of this Freemind with Excel power. As Excel is excellent for anything that has tabular data, Freemind is just perfect for data of directional graph structure. I found many use-cases it could

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The Art of Project Management by Scott Berkun

Have finished reading The Art of Project Management by Scott Berkun. Fundamental, comprehensive work covers many aspects of managing projects, people, time. The book itself is an excellent tool that can be used by me for building the process and solving problems.Below is mindmap of the book. Hope will help you the same as me. Project management It’s everywhere around us It’s evolving for a long time Be open-minded PM can be role, job, profession PM Activities What the project

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Interesting content I read in Aug 2019

Books The book of the month is The Culture Code by Daniel Coyle recommended me by Henrique Santana de Miranda. It’s easy to read, inspirational research about group dynamic and some insights that differ great, good, and bad teams. I highly recommend reading the book to anyone, I pretty sure you’ll enjoy reading and for sure became a better team player in the future. For those who still not convinced to read here is a detailed summary of the book. Management, Startups,

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