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Short summary of 2023

I think, this my photo reflects the feeling of the whole past year well very well. It’s gloomy, it’s cold, and we, as a small group, are trying to stick together.

What if you lost web access to your Grafana installation?

Recover your Grafana

As it turned out, it is quite easy to break Grafana by changing the name of the organization, or by changing the permissions of the admins. In any case, whatever you broke in your Grafana installation, having access to the server it’s running on, you can fix everything. Grafana’s status is stored in sqlite3, so, first of all you have to install еhe latest version of the client: Alternatively you can download binary here. Then login into database: If you

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About programmer responsibility

Spaceship from the movie A Space Odyssey 2021 by Stanley Kubrick

The software industry is relatively young. Let’s take as a starting point the publication in 1939 of Alan Turing’s On computable numbers, with an application to the entscheidungsproblem, in which he described an imaginary computer turing machine and the program it runs. There were mechanical calculating machines, there was Charles Babbage’s analytical machine, but still, the Turing machine was the first thing that today’s programmers could describe as a computer and a program. In the 1950s, Fortran came along. The

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Migration from Linux to Macbook 16″

One of the biggest things that happened to me last year was the move to Mac. After dozens of years of working with Windows, then Linux, many customizations, and convenient software that allowed me to work almost at the speed of thought, I was a little afraid that it would take a long time before I could achieve the same comfort and speed. After two months, I can confidently say that life on the mac is existing. Not always, however,

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Era is gone

Era is gone

Era is gone. My old laptop is more than 10 years old. It still works well and handles most of my tasks. From other hand it deserves for retirement quite a long time. It has survived thousands of hours of work, thousands of miles of travel and flights, worked with me on dozens of projects, magistracy, processed hundreds of photos and edited dozens of videos. So, who replaced the faithful friend? I had been looking at Macs for a long

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Poznań touristic guide

Poznan is a neat, comfortable, green city with its history, character, peculiar climate and coziness, and aesthetic combination of old and new. Even though the town is not very touristy, there is something to see, where to walk and what to do for at least a few days.

The Secret

For those who are not a programmer, but by the will of fate, thrown into our industry, I can share a secret: writing code is easy. The code is difficult to read and maintain, but easy to write. Writing the code is much easier than writing an essay in natural language. The programming language is primitive. Several dozen word constructions of which only a small set of what is available is used. This is why programmers are so eager to

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Productivity for programmers. Terminal tricks.

This is the four and last part of my discovery different tools, tricks and practices for making programmers more effective. Again. Learn shortcuts Use all the power of your shell should save a lot of time. Make sense to spend some time learning it. Here is a list of a few most commonly used. Ctrl + L Clears the screen; Ctrl + C Terminate the command; Ctrl + R Search command history backwards; Ctrl + A go to the start of the command line; Ctrl + E go to the end of the command line;

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About Me

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The desire to improve, to study deeper topics that interest me. Find people with similar problems and tasks, together look for ways out and solutions.

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