Apr 2019 reading digest

This time it will be lightweight digest because all the month I was busy with trips, meetings, running new internal system, that hopefully will become a product till the end of the year and learning new stuff on CEO-way course. I fulled up my reading list with many books and hopefully soon will able to share new ideas with my readers.


  • The Art of Project Management. Scott Berkun. Great, and I would say fundamental book about project management. In the book Scott share his huge experience of work on big projects in Microsoft, interesting insights, tell about his vision and the way how he simplify complexity of big project.

Management, Startups, Marketing, Productivity

  • Why software projects take longer than you think – a statistical model is a great article about myth of estimates, or to be more precise about probability of estimates. I had many conversations and arguing about it with colleges and customers. People often perceive estimates as guarantees instead of guessing with some probability. It’s why I like so much this research and outcomes.