Dec 2019. Books, articles and inspiration

Books I read a few books in December but can recommend just two papers: Shape Up. Stop Running in Circles and Ship Work that Matters to everybody who interested in project management, building innovative products, who curious about how to combine creativity and deadlines, how to be innovative, and build collaboration between designers and programmers. NYS Business Analysis Guidebook to everybody who interested in business analysis, tools and best practices of work with requirements. Articles I work remotely for the

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About Me

About Me

For whom this blog for?

For those who are interested in modern Internet technologies, IT business, startups, management, quality control, personal effectiveness, motivation. Here I write about what is interesting, about problems I faced and solutions I found. I hope it will be interesting to you either.

What motivates me to write?

The desire to improve, to study deeper topics that interest me. Find people with similar problems and tasks, together look for ways out and solutions.

Feel free to contact if you have anything to say to me

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