Migration from Linux to Macbook 16″

One of the biggest things that happened to me last year was the move to Mac. After dozens of years of working with Windows, then Linux, many customizations, and convenient software that allowed me to work almost at the speed of thought, I was a little afraid that it would take a long time before I could achieve the same comfort and speed. After two months, I can confidently say that life on the mac is existing. Not always, however,

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About Me

For whom this blog for?

For those who are interested in modern Internet technologies, IT business, startups, management, quality control, personal effectiveness, motivation. Here I write about what is interesting, about problems I faced and solutions I found. I hope it will be interesting to you either.

What motivates me to write?

The desire to improve, to study deeper topics that interest me. Find people with similar problems and tasks, together look for ways out and solutions.

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