Productivity for programmers. Terminal tricks.

This is the four and last part of my discovery different tools, tricks and practices for making programmers more effective. Again. Learn shortcuts Use all the power of your shell should save a lot of time. Make sense to spend some time learning it. Here is a list of a few most commonly used. Ctrl + L Clears the screen; Ctrl + C Terminate the command; Ctrl + R Search command history backwards; Ctrl + A go to the start of the command line; Ctrl + E go to the end of the command line;

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Productivity for programmers. Editors, repositories, coding practices

Third part of my research of different tools and practices that makes us more productive. Use if you can statically typed language (TypeScript, Flow, Java, C#, C++, Kotlin, Swift, Scala, Haskel, etc). It has the hidden power of your productivity and gives you a lot of freedom to refactor your code. REST client in IntelliJ’s products and vscode allows you test requests right from the code. Learn some simple editor well (ideally vi because it’s available everywhere). Learn regular expressions

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Productivity and keyboard

This is the second part of my research about productivity practices, tricks, and technics. Learn to touch-type properly. Practice with, Speed up your repeat rate. Set up shortcuts for commonly used apps like browser, terminal, IDE, etc. If you use multiple languages on your PC, set up a shortcut for every language or use caps lock as a language switcher. Learn shortcuts and improve your productivity. A few good places to start: cheatkeys for win, mediaatelier for mac Launchbar,

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Habits for productive programmers

For a long time, I am looking for a way to be more productive as a programmer. I decided to organize in structure valuable ideas and practices I found. Hopefully, they will be useful for you too. Below is the first part: habits. Write. Write documentation, notes, your ideas, and useful tips. Here is the list of most popular tools you can use: Notion/Evernote/OneNote/ emacs/orgmode Markdown files as a basis for something more complicated like, for example Zettelkasten Focus on

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