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Spaceship from the movie A Space Odyssey 2021 by Stanley Kubrick

The software industry is relatively young. Let’s take as a starting point the publication in 1939 of Alan Turing’s On computable numbers, with an application to the entscheidungsproblem, in which he described an imaginary computer turing machine and the program it runs. There were mechanical calculating machines, there was Charles Babbage’s analytical machine, but still, the Turing machine was the first thing that today’s programmers could describe as a computer and a program. In the 1950s, Fortran came along. The

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About Me

For whom this blog for?

For those who are interested in modern Internet technologies, IT business, startups, management, quality control, personal effectiveness, motivation. Here I write about what is interesting, about problems I faced and solutions I found. I hope it will be interesting to you either.

What motivates me to write?

The desire to improve, to study deeper topics that interest me. Find people with similar problems and tasks, together look for ways out and solutions.

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