January 2020. Interesting picks.

This is the first post in this year. The experiment with sharing books and articles that expires me during the month was started a year ago that hopefully, I will continue this year.

Apparently, I noticed that sharing it has a few positive side-effects for me: it gives me one more chance to make retrospective, highlight interesting thoughts and ideas. Doing this retrospective for last year, I realized that there are three main vectors of my interests: software development (literally everything related to this topic), business development (management, startups, marketing, finances), and self-development (literature, psychology, science). So this year, I’ll continue to publish interesting content within those categories.


Software development

  • Patterns/tricks used for building frameworks and libraries. Can be used for solving typical problems of any framework: configuration, dependencies, implicitly providing some functionality:
    • Callback function
    • Subclassing
    • Imperative API registration
    • Convention over configuration
    • Metaclass based registration
    • Language integrated registration
    • DSL-based declaration
    • Imperative declaration
  • A good overview of caveats in event sourcing implementations of real-world applications and some ideas on how to solve them. If your application should provide not only consistency but all the history of your data, plus you considering micro-services architecture, event sourcing is architecture of your choice. If you are interested in topic there are two talks from Marting Fowler and Greg Young
  • For a long time I have been working with Ubuntu servers, and selinux security layer was a big surprise for me. It’s a huge topic and here are just short introduction: part1, part2 and part3.
  • Visual interactive explanation of how float points numbers works.
  • How I once saved half a million dollars with a single character code change

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