February 2020. Books, articles, ideas.

Since begin of the yeat I do an experiemnt of using telegram channel as twitter and so far I like feedback from people who read it. If you don’t follow yet, are welcome.

Software development


Streaming Data by Andrew G. Psaltis. I like a detailed explanation of many caveats in redistributed architectures related to guarantees, performance, and fail-over. Many practical recommendations. In the high tempo of changing of modern technologies landscape, I missed SSE, and thanks to this book, I learned about it.

I could recommend reading it to everybody who does some real-time data processing and anyone who interested in the topic.


It’s essential to realise what you are building and the impact it will have in the near and far future. Keep the short time roadmap concise and don’t over-invest (financially and technically) but also don’t try and outrun the liabilities you are taking on along the way.


  • How to take smart notes. A hundred years ago, Niklas Luhmann built his own methodology that allowed him to collect, organize his knowledge in the system he called slim-box. This structured representation of his ideas and expertise allowed him to wrote 58 books and hundreds of articles. Amazingly it reminds hypertext and Wikipedia invented fifteen years earlier.
  • An interesting interactive chart that represents who marry whom. A little insight: female CEOs tend to marry other CEOs; male CEOs are OK marrying their secretaries.
  • What does happiness at work mean?. I like the language of this article. Happiness is one of the main topics of my blog. A little spoiler for impatient readers:

Business development

  • Nowadays, startup and entrepreneurs use two separate strategies. In simple words, it could be described as trying to make $100/year from 1000 users or $1000/year from 100 users. Both are reasonable and have a lot of sense. More about difference and recommendations on how to gain more with each one in Andreessen Horowitz blog post

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