January 2020. Interesting picks.

This is the first post in this year. The experiment with sharing books and articles that expires me during the month was started a year ago that hopefully, I will continue this year. Apparently, I noticed that sharing it has a few positive side-effects for me: it gives me one more chance to make retrospective, highlight interesting thoughts and ideas. Doing this retrospective for last year, I realized that there are three main vectors of my interests: software development (literally

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Dec 2019. Books, articles and inspiration

Books I read a few books in December but can recommend just two papers: Shape Up. Stop Running in Circles and Ship Work that Matters to everybody who interested in project management, building innovative products, who curious about how to combine creativity and deadlines, how to be innovative, and build collaboration between designers and programmers. NYS Business Analysis Guidebook to everybody who interested in business analysis, tools and best practices of work with requirements. Articles I work remotely for the

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Interesting picks in Nov 2019

Books This month I read two books: Site Reliability Engineering: How Google Runs Production Systems by Niall Richard Murphy and Architecting for Scale by Lee Atchison. Both about similar things, both are very useful, but each of them uncovers the topic of stable and scalable systems from slightly different perspectives. I can definitely recommend it to everyone who cares about the quality of their internet services. Programming, technologies, computer science Last time when I had to solve the problem of

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Interesting picks in Oct 2019

How to Become the Best in the World at Something

Programming, technologies, computer science Costs optimization in AWS is a wide topic. The story describes the sequential approach from the Segment engineering team. They managed to increase the gross margin of the whole startup by 20% and save about $1M. Ten rules for writing high-quality software from NASA. A few articles for all terminal fans: awk tutorial, useful commands and absolute masterpiece explanation of htop Management, Startups, Marketing, Productivity How to Become the Best in the World at Something. Controversial title but simple idea under the hood.

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Interesting and useful content I read in Sep 2019

Books I am a big fan of the scientific approach to understanding the world around and human nature. The book that inspires me in September is “The Productivity Project: Accomplishing More by Managing Your Time, Attention, and Energy” by Chris Bailey. This guy spent a year of his life consistently trying out different productivity methods, measuring results, reading books and scientific papers, and interviewing experts. I read many books about productivity, but this one has many insights, tricks, and fresh

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The hidden power of Freemind for Business Analysis

For a long time, I have been using Freemind for many purposes. For those who didn’t use it yet, I highly recommend checking it out, it’s cross-platform, an open-source desktop application for mind mapping. I guess it will be a little bit brave, but suppose I can compare the flexibility of this Freemind with Excel power. As Excel is excellent for anything that has tabular data, Freemind is just perfect for data of directional graph structure. I found many use-cases it could

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The Art of Project Management by Scott Berkun

Have finished reading The Art of Project Management by Scott Berkun. Fundamental, comprehensive work covers many aspects of managing projects, people, time. The book itself is an excellent tool that can be used by me for building the process and solving problems.Below is mindmap of the book. Hope will help you the same as me. Project management It’s everywhere around us It’s evolving for a long time Be open-minded PM can be role, job, profession PM Activities What the project

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Interesting content I read in Aug 2019

Books The book of the month is The Culture Code by Daniel Coyle recommended me by Henrique Santana de Miranda. It’s easy to read, inspirational research about group dynamic and some insights that differ great, good, and bad teams. I highly recommend reading the book to anyone, I pretty sure you’ll enjoy reading and for sure became a better team player in the future. For those who still not convinced to read here is a detailed summary of the book. Management, Startups,

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Jul 2019 reading digest

Traveling, working at the office, participation in bike ride made this moth less effective for reading, and this time my list is a little bit shorter than usual. Management, Startups, Marketing, Productivity Great post from Andreessen Horowitz about startups and power of network effect Programming, technologies, computer science Handy and useful regexp manual and another one tool is the navigator through the universe of git commands I didn’t know about those weird ways to use IP address. Looks fun.

Jun 2019 reading digest

The German Tank Problem

Management, Startups, Marketing, Productivity Holy-wars are very popular in IT industry: tabs vs spaces, gradle vs maven, OOP vs functional programming, etc. If you have to solve real problems spending time on it isn’t very productive. Are there any frameworks or recommendations on how to discuss and make a decision about such things? Fortunately, yes, IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) faced with this issue and defined the list of principles. Trello is a great collaboration tool, and their blog is

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