May 2019 reading digest

Management, Startups, Marketing, Productivity

  • Summary of Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World by Cal Newport. Of course it worth to read the book but for busy people with long “have to read” lists, summaries like that are priceless.
  • Estimates are hard and never precise. This research
    (russian version) based on more than 12k projects and represents some correlations between scale of projects and probability estimate time for the project right. I few impressive outcomes: in most cases we estimate right, but when we are mistaken, the scale of mistake could be drastic. Uncertainty tends some projects to be indefinite (or at least have no sense to be finished). From my side I can add up to this a few my observations: we often overestimate small tasks but underestimate big ones. So, my recommendation to subdivide tasks as much as it possible until it will be small enough (6-12 hours) and then do corrections depending on the risks you include in it.
  • One more great article about pitfalls in estimates from Karl Wiegers, author of the best books about business analysis and requirements.

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