Customer interviews checklist

Comprehensive list of sources and tips for customer interviews

  • Sources
    • Linkedin
      • Use Linkedin Answers
      • Join Linkedin Groups
      • Use Search + InMail
      • Check your existing connections
      • Ask your connections for intros
      • Post to the Linkedin Social Network
      • Run Linkedin Ads
    • Facebook
      • Look up your friends
      • Ask your friends
      • Look for Fan Pages
      • Run Targeted Facebook Ads
      • Try the new Graph Search
    • Twitter
      • Ask your followers
      • Ask your followers for referrals
      • Run Twitter Ads
      • Ask Twitter Accounts to tweet on your behalf
      • Search for relevant Hashtags
      • Join a Twitter Chat
      • Search Twitter for People Talking about your Problem
    • Email
      • Email relevant friends/contacts
      • Start a personal newsletter
      • Use Rapportive to find emails & cold email
      • Make your GChat status a call for help/intros
      • Make your signature a call for help/intros
      • Join & Attend Meetups in your category
      • Ask organizers to message the group
      • Ask the organizer to allow you to address the audience at a Meetup
      • Mention in your Meetup profile what you’re looking for
      • Message users on
      • Create a Meetup group
    • Your blog
      • Write a blog post about the problem you’re solving
      • Post your blog to discussion sites in appropriate categories
      • Update your About Page for what you’re looking for
      • Make a page on your blog just about your market
      • Start a blog just to talk about your industry
    • Other Blogs
      • Reach out to other bloggers for interviews
      • Ask other bloggers to run an ad for you
      • Ask other bloggers to write about you
      • Ask to write a guest blog post
      • Use Blog lists to find the right blogs
      • Reach out to commenters
    • Quora, Forums, Youtube, Kickstarter
    • Offline
      • Approach people in native environments
      • Look for people unhappy with a service
      • Go to conferences for your target audience
      • Go to trade organization events
      • Go to places you know they’ll congregate
      • Ask people on long train rides or airplanes
    • Google Ads, Facebook Ads
  • Process
    • Introduction
      • Introduction by e-mail
      • Introduction tips
    • Interview
      • Tips
        • Afraid “confirmation bias”
        • Ask open ended questions
        • Listen, don’t talk
        • Take Good Notes or Record Everything
        • Always follow up
        • See if your idea survives customer interaction
        • Smile. People want to talk to you.
      • Questions
        • What are your greatest pains?
        • What are you trying to get done? (Gather context)
        • How do you currently do this? (Analyze workflow)
        • What could be better about how you do this? (Find opportunities)
I like to use such notes as mindmaps. Hope it will be useful to someone else too.

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