Habits for productive programmers

For a long time, I am looking for a way to be more productive as a programmer. I decided to organize in structure valuable ideas and practices I found. Hopefully, they will be useful for you too.

Below is the first part: habits.

  • Write. Write documentation, notes, your ideas, and useful tips. Here is the list of most popular tools you can use:
    • Notion/Evernote/OneNote/bear.app
    • emacs/orgmode
    • Markdown files as a basis for something more complicated like, for example Zettelkasten
  • Focus on one thing at a time
  • Do small tasks immediately
  • Sleep enough
  • Spaced repetition for efficient learning
  • Record and publish or even better, broadcast your coding sessions. I didn’t try it yet, but I can easily imagine how much discipline it could add to my workflow. OBS Studio is a popular and excellent tool for a record such sessions.
  • Use procrastination against yourself. Just try to open IDE and write a few lines of code, then a few more. Then you probably will catch yourself on coding for an hour or two. That’s the trick.
  • Use data and statistics to analyze your productivity. Be creative in that. Here is an example of a very creative approach to do that.
  • Create more than consume
  • Dive deeper into the problem
  • Automate repetitive tasks

Everybody is welcome to get me your feedback and extend the list.

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