Era is gone

Era is gone. My old laptop is more than 10 years old. It still works well and handles most of my tasks. From other hand it deserves for retirement quite a long time. It has survived thousands of hours of work, thousands of miles of travel and flights, worked with me on dozens of projects, magistracy, processed hundreds of photos and edited dozens of videos.

So, who replaced the faithful friend? I had been looking at Macs for a long time, but all the time there was something wrong with them. With the release of the latest Mac, they finally brought back everything I liked about them, plus they added the awesome M1. Gotta get it, I decided. I ordered it from, but due to card limits the payment didn’t go through. I wondered how it would end. In Ukraine, even if you order over the Internet toothbrush, you get a call back. Apparently, I received an SMS about the problem with payment. On the payment page, of course, there was no function that would allow me to repeat the payment, but the status of the order was became “will be delivered in two weeks”.

For some time I called my new laptop – Schrodinger’s Macbook (it is and is not at the same time). Accidently went to iSport, Apple’s local reseller, and suddenly there was a model in stock, exactly as I needed.

Long story short: I am the owner of the Macbook Pro 16″

Will try not to prolong with the post about how it felt, what was missing from my Linux and Windows experiences. So far the most painful thing was the new keyboard and the lack of MyLifeOrganized. It’s the best application for managing personal tasks, which “organized my life” for the last 10 years. By the way, this application was created by Ukrainian developers from Kharkiv. For me it’s a big deal. 

What about you? How often do you use any software that has been created in your country and suffering without it?

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